We develop and manufacture custom made machines and components and deliver specialty solutions
and complete integrated packages. Our products optimize your processes and are distinguished by:

Highest Quality

We design and manufacture according to pharmaceutical principles and guarantee the highest quality. Our products can, based on the need, be completely autoclavable. We use 1.4404 (AISI 316L) stainless steel.


Traceability is guaranteed for all of our equipment. We deliver complete technical documentation including materials certificates and provide long-term support.

Integrated and Customized Solutions

Our constantly growing product range is complemented by integrated and customized solutions. We explore and develop individual solutions for your needs and specifications. Contact us – we’re here to help

Simple Operation

We are constantly updating and developing our products to include new modules for simplification of operation which remove the need for time-consuming manual processes.

Service and Spares

Naturally, we will commission the equipment at your site and supply spare parts where needed. We offer format changes and upgrades. Additionally, we offer individual training and deliver each machine with a respective operation manual.


Our flexible structure allows for quick action to process your enquiries. We’re with you, and though we don’t offer 24-hour service, we take repairs and replacement parts seriously.

Product Overview

Our product range encompasses four core areas, which, based on the industry profile,
are combined to an optimal sorting unit.

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